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About George Tens Sport & Lifestyle Festival

The 2024 George Tens Sport & Lifestyle Festival is ready to welcome you!

Kicking off in 2019 as a rugby only festival, the event has evolved to include Men’s and Women’s Rugby, Golf, Mixed and Women’s’ Netball, Touchies, Dodgeball, Color run and Fishing!  All seriously cool events that worked well, but we’d like to amp the ’24 presentation up even more!

This year, we’re introducing a Summer Slam category, meaning, YOU CAN ENTER ON THE DAY!

No serious planning or training needed!  With the exception of Rugby & Netball, this goes for all the above events BUT we’re adding Tug-of-War, Weightlifting, a Rubex Cube Championship, Darts, Line Dancing AND a Mystery Basket Super Chef challenge! 

We also need to mention that our netball proposition this year, will allow school teams to consist of three different age groups!  This means that your teams can consist of players from three consecutive age groups!

The majority of these events will be presented at Outeniqua Park, with the sole idea to offer a lot more, to a much wider audience.  Hence the reason why we are moving the ’24 dates to 17 – 20 December, providing you with the perfect holiday offering, FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY!  

Register yourself, your team, your band, join as a festival partner, a collaborator or, if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, a volunteer!




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