Touchies Entry Fee


Six players per team

16 & 17 December ‘22
2 Days, Wilderness


  • Beer / Cold drink per person
  • Entry to the George TENS Festival Village 15 – 18 December ‘22
  • Concert / Show Entry 15 – 18 December ‘22
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1. Games are 10 minutes in duration, 5 minutes a side with a 1-minute break in between halves.

2. A team will consist of 6 players, 5 players on the field at any one time with 1 reserves. There will be running substitutions which means you can sub at any time during the game.

3. Reserves can be continuously substituted at any time from the side where the referee is positioned. The reserve may only come onto the field when the substituted player has crossed the side line.

4. Players will only be allowed to play for one team and may not jump from team to team as they get knocked out.

5. The format will be a one touch format. Once the attacking player has been touched he/she has to place the ball on the mark and retreat the required 5 meters. When touched, the ball must be placed at or as close to the mark of the touch as possible. (Failure to place the ball instantly results in a penalty). The attacking side begins play at that mark or in line with it. Claiming a “touch” if none is made or before it is made is against the spirit of the game and is a penalizable offence.

6. Defending players need to retreat 5 meters and to the point shown by the referees in order to be onside. The offside line for the defending team is 5 metres from where the touch was made or the mark given by the referee. (In most instances, the referee will position himself as a marker for the defending team). If a quick pass is taken, the defending player who is offside must cover a distance of 5 metres towards his own try line from where the infringement occurred, before being allowed to affect a valid Touch.

7. No deliberate knockdown of the ball will be allowed and would lead to a penalty. If a knockdown occurs within 5 meters of the try line the referee may allow a penalty try. However, this is solely the referees’ decision. Behind the try-line the “no touch” rule applies. Once the player crosses the line into the field of play the ball is alive. Players may only run into the dead ball area once.

8. Every game, the second halve will be a power half with only 4 players allowed on the field, and 2 running subs. Running subs means u can replace any player anytime during play, you can’t stop the game to do replacements, doing it will lead to a penalty. The substitute player must be off the field before he can be replaced.

9. In the case there is a draw during the group rounds, the team that scored the first try will be declared the winner. Only in the semi& final will we have extra time with a player dropping off after every 1 minute until there are only 3 players left on the field. Once the final has gone to extra time the game will be decided on sudden death. This means that the team that scores first during the sudden death (extra time) wins the match. In the event that a game ends scoreless during the knockout round each team will receive 1 point. NO substitutions will be allowed during the sudden death games.

10. A game will begin from the halfway line indicated and on the referee’s whistle. After a try has been scored the conceding team will restart the match. The starting player have to off load the ball and can’t run. No kick offs from the halfway line, and no kicking allowed during play. A touch is made with hands only, on any part of the body, ball or clothing. It is “claimed” by raising one’s hand and shouting, “Touch”. The referee will use his discretion to decide whether the ball was passed or if the Touch was missed. The referee will ignore excessive claiming and players waiting for touches to be awarded. Continued excessive claiming will be penalised. PLAY TO THE WHISTLE at all times.

11. The hooter will be the start of the game, half time and end of the game. As soon as the hooter goes it’s the end of the half or game. No tries will be awarded after the hooter has gone.

12. Normal rugby rules apply e.g. (forward passes, knock on and off sides). Procedure for a penalty: The referee will give the mark where the offence occurred. The penalty must be taken from where the referee gives the mark. Once the referee confirms the mark, the attacking player may run without passing. The defending team must retreat a full 8 metres before making a valid Touch.

13. When a penalty is awarded the defending team must retrieve 8 meters to be on side.

14. Captains please make sure discipline is the order of the day. Please refrain from swearing, tackling and pushing other players, this is meant to be a fun and exciting event. Abuse towards the referees will not be tolerated.

15. Please remember to always play to the whistle at all times and a referee’s decision is final. A try will only be awarded once the attacking player dots the ball down behind the try line without having been touched.

16. The referees are not be sworn at or “coached” during the games, meaning that they will not tolerate verbal abuse or be told how to blow the game. They will not tolerate players making phantom claims or calling forward passes during the game. They are in charge of the game so play to their whistle at all times. If any player excessively and purposefully does any of the above mentioned they might at the discretion of the referee be yellow or red carded.

17. There will be yellow and red cards used if needed so please make sure you try and keep to the rules and enjoy the game for all the right reasons. In the event of a Yellow card the player will have to leave the field for about 1 min/discretion of the referee in charge without a substitute replacing him during this time. A Red Card will mean that the player will no longer be allowed to participate in the tournament depending on the offence (Mainly fighting). The following will constitute which cards will be used.

YELLOW CARD: Unnecessary roughness when making a touch. (No slapping, pushing, holding back or tripping), Verbal abuse towards referees, knocking down balls, phantom claims and “coaching” as mentioned above will not be allowed.

RED CARD: Fighting!!!(Not an option)

In the event of a Red card the organizers will have a brief meeting together with the referee involved to decide the seriousness of the offence and also the action that will be taken against the player in question.

18. Discipline is of the utmost importance and all captains are urged to make this clear to their players as well as their supporters. We are all participating to have fun and enjoy the game. Please make sure that you abide by the rules and if you have any queries feel free to discuss it with the organizers.