Tournament Rules


1. Players & Replacements:
  • Each rugby team will consist of 18 players.
  • 10 players
  • 8 Substitutes
  • 1 Coach
  • 1 Team Manager

1.2 All players can be substituted during the match.


2. Match Length:
  • All games will be 7 minutes a half (2 halves)
  • 2-minute half time
  • 5 minutes between games
  • Run on – 21-minute slots


3. Points / Scoring:

3.1 Round Robin / pool games scoring.

  • 4 points for win
  • 2 points for a draw


Knock-out rules:

If two or more teams are on level points, the position standing is determined by:

  • The team who won the head-to-head match, if that was a draw, then:
  • The team with the best ‘for / against point difference is the winner. If that is equal, then:
  • The team scoring the most ‘points for’ is the winner. If that is equal:
  • A coin toss will be done to determine the winner.

In the event of a tie in the final, sudden death extra time (5 minutes each way) is played and the team scoring first is deemed the winner.


4. Rules for the games:

Standard Rugby rules will apply for:

  • Line outs
  • Scrums
  • All scrums except for the vets, are by default contested scrums unless:
    • The teams in coordination with the referee agree in advance that the scrums for that match should not be contested
    • If a team in unable to field a suitable front row and request uncontested scrums, such a team will forfeit a player for the whole / remainder of the match
    • For any safety reason the referee deems that scrums should not be contested.
  • Only the scrumhalf may pick up the ball at the back of the scrum
  • Locks must bind between the hooker and the props as in a 15 min game.
  • Kicking is only allowed in your own 22 m or when a drop kick is made
  • The younger teams will follow in the spirit of the laws of 7’s
  • All kicks at goal are drop kicks
  • All kick-off infringements result in a free kick.
  • Substitutes are allowed at any time during the match and as needed


5. Age restrictions:
  • Primary schools under 13

All players need to be under 13 on the event day to play in this division

  • High Schools Under 18

All players need to be under 18 on the event day to play in this division

  • No u/18 can participate in any of the other divisions
  • You need to be 18+ on the event day to play in all the other divisions.
  • In the veteran’s league, all players need to be at least 35 years and above, no exceptions.
  • If teams are found to have u/18 players or u/35 players in their team, the following actions will take place:
    • The player in question will be asked for proof of age (ID or driver’s license)
    • If age is proven, games will continue as per fixtures
    • If no valid ID document or drivers license is shown, the following steps will apply:
      • The team captain and captain of the informing team will be brought together for discussions with the Tournament Director.
      • The team at fault may forfeit their points for the current match and will no longer be allowed to take to the field for the remaining matches.
      • An under-aged player must leave the team, and will no longer be allowed to take to the field for any of the remaining matches.


6. Rugby Discipline:
  • Event organisers of the George TENS and referees have the right to intervene if there is disrespectful, unruly or unsafe behaviour or play.
  • If a team does not arrive in time for kick off, the game will be considered a walkover and a 28 – 0 winning score will be given to the punctual team
  • Red and yellow cards will be distributed by the referees at their won discretion as per the normal rugby rules.
  • A player who receives a straight red card, will have a brief hearing with the match referee and rugby manager or Festival Director of the George TENS, to decide if a card is necessary
  • A player receiving a red card from two yellow cards will not receive a match ban.
  • There will be a zero tolerance for any punctuality, pulling of hair, eye gouging, lifting, stomping on the ground or any behaviours on this level, judged by the referee.
  • Strict high tackle rules apply.


NB:  All decisions will always be taken in the good spirit of the George TENS.